Use a people-first approach to delivering projects on time and avoid risk

Your company’s project management office works hard to deliver projects on time without burning out employees. Even if project managers use an existing solution to organize projects, and define, assign, and prioritize tasks, it can still be difficult to prioritize allocation. There’s aways a risk of burning out and driving away employees, even with leading solutions that excel at managing sprints and epics. The impact of resource overloading extends far beyond the project management office:

  • Employee burnout causes lost capacity and affects ramp-up time
  • Employee turnover is expensive and discourages those left behind
  • Overtime, late delivery fees, and other project delays are expensive and erode profitability

Companies that use a people-first approach to deliver project on time improve team effectiveness and employee satisfaction. As a result, project managers have the power to perform effective resource planning, eliminate resource overload, and avoid the risks associated with burning out employees.

Leverage predictive analytics for better resource allocation

Project resource managers (and portfolio managers) can extend the effectiveness of their existing project management tool with predictive analytics to prioritize resource allocation and tasks for effective resource loading. By layering predictive analytics for resource allocation with an existing project management solution, your company can:

  • Manage resource load in multi-project environments
  • Identify bottlenecks and proactively manage constraints
  • Create and examine what-if scenarios
  • Sequence projects for more effective resource loading
Photograph of a project management system and project manager reviewing project timelines.

Use Epicflow with Jira for project management and resource planning

If your company uses Jira, you can use Epicflow with Jira to achieve optimal resource allocation across multiple Jira projects without burning out your people. Jira is the world’s most popular agile project management tool to manage sprints and epics. It is the preferred platform for organizing projects, and defining, assigning, and prioritizing tasks. Epicflow is the leading project resource management solution with built-in AI-driven predictive analytics to prioritize allocation.

When used together, Epicflow enhances Jira so companies can get the most out of their most valuable asset – the workforce – utilizing the right people for the right project tasks, without overloading them. The result is a people-first approach to delivering projects on time without burning out and driving away employees.

Use Epicflow with Jira for project management and resource planning to:

  • Match resource skills, competencies, and availability to project tasks without overloading employees
  • Reassign a resource (for any reason) and quickly understand the downstream impact across all projects
  • Examine the effects of resource allocations and changes on employees, project timelines, and delivery commitments