Medical device companies eager to improve compliance, production efficiency, and margins

Medical device manufacturing grows more complex every day, and your license to compete depends on regulatory compliance and product quality. Med device manufacturers are looking to digital transformation and smart manufacturing to meet challenges head on and maintain competitiveness:

  • Control quality and avoid costly recalls
  • Achieve flexibility to maintain compliance to rapidly shifting regulations
  • Improve cycle time, yield, and overall production efficiency
  • Create visibility and traceability into complex processes
  • Protect the enterprise and trade secrets
  • Establish a strategy for manufacturing intelligence

Regardless of where your company starts its transformation journey and what the motivation is, if the project stalls or fails, it can cost your company much more than just the pricetag for licenses or services. Reputation and compliance roadblocks can diminish or destroy business outcomes.

Medical device industry pressures create risk and erode profits

Life sciences manufacturing requires heavy lifting to get the right products into the hands of patients when they need them, while still keeping up with regulations and delivering great business outcomes. When it’s time to simplify the supply chain and improve operations performance, med device companies embrace digital transformation to deliver world-class results. How does your business handle complex industry pressure and demands while remaining competitive?

  • Quality processes, data, and documents
  • FDA audit preparedness
  • Supply chain difficulties and complexities
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Quality in contract manufacturing and throughout the supply chain
  • Manufacturing quality and efficiency
  • Automation in core processes and the product lifecycle

Whether you’re focused on higher yields, superior quality, or better throughput, most companies are eager to explore smarter, more flexible processes that integrate quality control, documentation, and process control:

  • Eliminate worries about regulatory and audit preparedness
  • Empower the workforce to cultivate and achieve a culture of continuous improvement
  • Meet system and product quality requirements
  • Produce high quality, compliant products
  • Leverage existing IT and new solutions for effective root cause analysis and problem-solving
  • Make data and analytics intuitive and accessible to all the right people when they need it most
  • Help your workforce focus on production and business results, not technology
  • Achieve greater production efficiency and throughput; reduce waste in production and processes
  • Reduce downtime, increase OEE, and achieve optimal production scheduling
  • Accelerate best products to market
  • Establish process transparency
  • Safeguard continuity with cybersecurity

Med device industry companies trust On Time Edge for digital transformation

Our people know medical device industry manufacturing. And that’s exactly why we invest the time to fully understand your unique ecosystem of manufacturing processes, business processes, IT-OT architecture, and most importantly, your culture. We design, build, and integrate your system to fit your situation. Then we train, support, and empower your team to get the results you expect.

Get the value you expect from digital transformation, quickly and sustainably.

Digital transformation is our business. We are experts at deploying and integrating supply chain solutions and smart manufacturing systems – on time and within budget. The result is fast time-to-value and sustainable business value.