Create a technology strategy to enable innovation and drive business results

IT leaders across every industry are eager to eliminate roadblocks that hinder innovation and stall performance gains:

  • Budget constraints
  • Technical debt from siloed, legacy systems
  • Cultural misalignment between IT operations and developers

World-class companies that view digital transformation as a path to revolutionize manufacturing operations and the supply chain, empower the in-house IT group to partner strategically with manufacturing operations and supply chain executives to digitalize and automate tasks. The result is a technology-enabled manufacturing and supply chain workforce that can do more, innovate more quickly, and achieve greater performance gains.

When you have ambitious goals for manufacturing technology, we help you align with IT operations

If you’re an IT leader focused on helping the company achieve maximum value from technology investments, you want supply chain solutions and smart manufacturing systems deployed and integrated the right way – so they work the way they’re supposed to, and the company gets fast, sustainable business value.

Nobody understands your company’s unique IT environment and requirements like your on-staff IT experts. And no one knows manufacturing tech, data, machine connectivity, and integrations for manufacturing and supply chain like our digital transformation IT experts. We help you establish and maintain proper alignment between corporate IT and your shop floor and plant systems, so your company can focus on its core business.

We recognize that your goal isn’t to replace or bypass the company’s IT group. Instead, we enable you to supplement and extend their capabilities, to solve specific problems, and quickly navigate and avoid tech complexities often associated with digital transformation.

Drive better business results with solutions for an agile supply chain and manufacturing operations excellence

Make sure your data, analytics infrastructure, and devices are the right ones for your business, are installed properly, and keep working the way they’re supposed to. Align, optimize, and secure all the hardware and software needed to monitor and control machines, equipment, and shop floor assets, devices, and processes across the manufacturing enterprise.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • OEE & MES
  • Machine Data
  • Project Management
Photograph of an IT engineer looking at several computer monitors to determine how the shop floor data feeds into the OEE system.

Use data to fuel systems, performance, and programs

Harness the full potential of your data to give your company a competitive edge. Make more use of the data your systems already have. Capture even more data from machines and equipment.

What else can your company do with data?

  • Feed other systems and platforms to compound the value of IT and system investments
  • Capture more data from machines and equipment to feed manufacturing execution system (MES), manufacturing operations management (MOM), or OEE system
  • Drive even more value with your company’s ERP using shop floor data from the MES, MOM, or OEE system
  • Fuel the company’s continuous improvement program with OEE data

Your company may already have access to real-time data from sensors and connected devices. Put the data to work to inform business-critical decisions for customer service, inventory, maintenance, and operations management.